On Air, 2012
Found materials based on location
Flexible dimensions

On Air (31.6 MB)
On Air

ON AIR is a radio show that functions as a social installation and sculpture piece. On Air was founded by a team of creative individuals who seek to broaden engagement within the community, while exchanging ideas in contemporary art through sound based modes of expression.

Participant Artists:
Miki Saito, Emily Appenzeller, Luciano Copete, Dainel Yang, Marianne Park, Sally Kim, Rudie Schaefer, Aggi Heng, Katy Malone, Nathan Kitch, Jan Wilson Pacursa, Aaron Alford, James Kim, John Roelofs

Selected Interviewed Artists:
John Millei, Tom Knechtel, Jean Rasenberger, Yoshio Ikezaki, Dave Bailey, Kevin Hanely, Jane McFadden, Allison Dalton, Stuart Bailey

Documentation Photography:
Taylor Knight