Miki Saito, born in Japan 1985, has been constantly living between the U.S. and Japan throughout her life. She has lived in over five states in the U.S., three cities in Japan, and has traveled to more than 25 countries. Her artwork has been influenced by different cultures and ideas she has encountered along the way.

Miki studied design at KIDI Parsons in Kanazawa (Associated with Parsons New York), and then transferred to Art Center College of Design in California where she earned a BFA in Fine Arts in 2012. During her college years, her artwork was heavily influenced by her professor mentor and artist, Yoshio Ikezaki.

Miki is very open to ideas and creativity, which allows her to stay willing and flexible to possibilities. She enjoys translating visual images through painting, sculpting, designing, and writing, while she also enjoys translating cultures and bridging people through language.

Set aside from art, along the years she has developed exceptional communication skills through her adaptable personality and bilingual skills, which has allowed her to work in the field of translating and bridging people between different cultures. In 2010, she boarded the 71st Peace Boat cruise ship as an Art Coordinator and traveled around the world studying peace issues in under-developed countries. She worked directly with various artists, journalists, environmentalists, peace activists, and UN officials from around the world.


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